How can I not date you game

I think that I have a problem. That’s always a good way to start, admitting right? I think I have a problem because lately I have been catching myself playing the “How Can I NOT Date You” game. I’m usually playing the “I’d like to be your girlfriend because…” game. I don’t know what has changed and I sure don’t feel any different, but let me give you a prime example of what I mean.

So the other night Miss Communication, FES and I went to a little bar, which by the way was a really laid back, chill kind of place. The place was called Lucy’s in Toluca Lake. I highly recommend. Anyways, back to me. Miss Communication and I instantly heard the live music when we walked in from the back and my eyes magically (after I went to the bar and got a drink of course) became glued to the guy sitting on the stool, strumming his guitar and singing with his amazing John Mayer-ish voice. Now, to be clear I was not staring because he was hot or anything, but just on musical talent alone. After a couple songs THEN I decided to try and figure out if he was cute or not! A little delayed I know, but I was appreciating the talent first. What girl doesn’t want a guy that can pull out the ol guitar and sing a song he wrote about her while they sit on the beach at night and listen to the waves. What?! Like it doesn’t happen! So, I think I can sacrifice a little bit of the hotness factor.

I looked at the guy from across the bar trying to decide if I was attracted to him OR the music, but kept getting sucked into the music. Damn that music! I finally turn to Miss Communication, who was just as glued to the music man in front of us, and told her that after some observation I think he has to be only 22, 23….maybe 25 tops. She takes a few minutes and says that she thinks he is her age at least. There is no way I said. He looks like a kid. Oh wait, so does Miss Communication. Hmmmm...

G spot orgasm

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